Registration for English courses

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I've never attended an English course at the SPZ. What should I do?

In order to be able to apply for a course, it is necessary to take our online placement test. Even after many years of learning English at school, it is not easy to determine your exact level of knowledge by yourself. Course participants should be at approximately the same level. This reduces frustration and increases the motivation of everyone in the class.

Please note:
1. If you do not take the test, registration is not possible.
2. You can only register for courses that are at your language level. Registration for courses above or below this level will not be accepted.

I have already attended a course. Do I need to repeat the placement test?

If you passed the course you attended, you will be able to take more courses at your current level. You will not have to repeat the placement test. If you took your last course before SS2019, you will have to take the placement test again.

I have just completed a course. Do I automatically move up to the next level?

No. A typical course meets for approximately 28 academic hours per week. To complete a level of the CEFR (A1-C2), most people need between 350 and 600 academic hours. If you want to attend courses at a higher level, you will have to do the placement test again to determine if your language skills really are at the required level.

If you have completed a level of the UNIcert® program and have received a UNIcert® certificate from us, you automatically move up to the next level e.g. after completing the UNIcert® II program, you move to UNIcert® level III and can take C1 level courses.


When and where does course registration take place?

Registration takes place online for all courses. Further information is here.

- Intensive courses: Monday 26th September from 9am to 5pm. Course places will be allocated the next day and e-mails will be sent out .

- Semester courses: Monday 17th October from 9am until Tuesday 18th October at 3pm. Course places will be allocated the next day and emails will be sent out.

I must pay for my course. How do I do that?

You will be sent payment options by e-mail if you get a course place. Cash payment is not possible (only bank transfer).

Can I participate in more than one English course?

Yes, but only do this if you know you have enough time. Each additional course costs €90.

How do I cancel my registration from a course?

Unfortunately, there are students who get a place in a course but do not attend. In doing so, they block course spots and prevent other people from attending. If you can no longer participate in an English course for which you have a place, please inform the English department (not the SPZ secretary).

I cannot come to the first class. Will I lose my place? What should I do?

Yes, you will lose your place unless you tell us that you can’t attend. Send an email to the English department with your name, matriculation number and the name of the course. We will record your details and you will keep the place.


I am on a waiting list. What should I do?

Please wait for an email from us. You should not attend class until you have confirmation that you are in the course. Generally, there are several changes between the start of registration and the start of classes. If you no longer need your spot on the waiting list for a course, please tell us.

How many ECTS points can I get?

Normally, upon successful completion of a course, 2 ECTS points are awarded. 3 points are available for some courses.


When do courses start?

Intensive courses always take place during the semester break. More information is here.

Semester courses begin on the 31st October 2022 (except for courses taught by Philippa Dart-Cleiß which start on the 27th October 2022).


Are the courses online?

Nearly all of our course will take place on campus in WS 2022-23.