Placement Test

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The placement test helps to determine a potential course participant's current level of knowledge, in line with the UNIcert® certification system. This allows each participant to apply for the courses best suited to their knowledge of the language and ensures that courses are largely homogenous.

Who has to take the placement test?

- All students applying for an English course for the first time.
- Students who last attended an English course before SS2018.
- Students who took the test before SS2021 but did not attend a course.
- Students who wish to attend a course at higher level than one they have already completed (except those who have successfully completed the previous UNIcert® level).
- Students who were placed at C2 level before SS2021 who have not yet taken a C2 level course.

The test can only be taken once each semester.

Who does not have to take the test?

- Students which took the test last semester (SS2021) and couldn’t attend a course (the score from last semester is still valid). If you can’t remember your score, send us an e-mail with your matriculation number.

- Students who successfully completed an English course at the language centre before SS2018 and wish to apply for more courses at their present level.

What form does the test take?

All KIT students/employees area able to access the test on ILIAS. It takes up to 35 minutes and tests language skills related to general themes, as well as grammar skills and listening comprehension. The questions are all multiple choice.

We recommend the use of an up-to-date browser. For the video / audio files in the listening test sections, you need need headphones or speakers. Please do not open another browser tab whilst you are taking the test. If you do this, your result will not be saved properly.

Before you take the test, you should familiarise yourself with how it works. There are many examples available online e.g. here or here.

Where can I find the online placement test?

1. The test is on a pilot version of ILIAS. Click on this link.

2. Log in using your SCC account.

3. Now use this link. You may have to accept the user agreement.

4. The test can now be started.

Which courses may I apply for?

After the online test is finished, the result and recommended level appear on the screen. You can only apply for courses at the level you achieved in the test.

Score in test


below 20%

Below entry level

from 20% - 49%

ONLY courses at A2 level

from 50% - 64%

UNIcert® I - ONLY courses at B1 level

from 65% - 79%

UNIcert® II - ONLY courses at B2 level

80% and above

UNIcert® III - ONLY courses at C1 level

90% and above

UNIcert® IV - ONLY courses at C2 or C1 level

Our current course listing is available here.

I think I have been placed at the wrong level

If you believe your score does not reflect your ability, and it is no more than 2% different from the next level (higher or lower), contact us. We will determine whether you may apply for courses at your desired level after discussing the situation with you.

I do not have access to the ILIAS-platform

You can only do our online test if you have an ILIAS account. If you are are at a different university in Karlsruhe and want to take an English course, please contact us.