Internet Registration Procedure

Detailed procedure of registration and allocation

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  1. Information
    • Please read the detailed course information to be found on the homepage of the relevant language. Please note: the letter after the name of a course e.g. Arabic 1b denotes a parallel course (at the same level). It is not necessary to begin with the "a" course.
    • English courses have strict entry requirements e.g. placement tests (see here). Please note that English, French, Spanish and Italian Intensive courses are offered in the semester break.
    • KIT students can take part in one (1) free course per semester. All other participants, including students who would like to take additional courses, must pay.
  2. Registration Priority for Students Planning to Study Abroad
    • Students and KIT staff planning a stay abroad have priority for course places. Suitable documentary evidence (notification from their institute or the International Students Office and proof of matriculation) should be provided between March, 15th 2021 and March, 30th 2021, 6 p.m.. This also applies to students participating in the EUKLID program. A maximum of one priority course per semester is allowed. All documents should be sent to info∂spz.kit.edu. Afterwards successful applicants will be sent a token (weblink) which will enable them to register online for one course.
  3. Main Registration
    • Online registration will be possible from April, 6th, 9:00 a.m. and April, 7th 2021, 3:00 p.m. and can be accessed via our website. Registration is open to students and staff at all Karlsruhe universities.
    • You can apply for a maximum of 2 courses. Course places will be randomly assigned on April, 8th 2021. After course places have been allocated, automatic emails will be sent during the day. Please do not call during that period.
      If you want to cancel your registration for a course, you can do this yourself via the link in your registration/confirmation email.
      If you have any questions, please contact the respective departments (English, French, Spanish) or for all other languages the secretary.
    • Any participants who have to pay for a course place should use bank transfer. KIT students who are told by the registration system that they must pay because their status as a student has not yet been confirmed should clarify their status (e.g. by showing a temporary student identification) with the Language Centre secretary (Room 313, Bldg. 50.20) or at the relevant department office (English / French / Spanish). Please do not transfer any money if this is case. The same applies to anyone entitled to a reduction (e.g. BAFöG).  Please bring evidence of entitlement.
    • Course participants who do not attend the first class (without giving prior notice) will lose their place to a person on the waiting list.
    • Online registration is necessary for all courses.
    • Online registration is also necessary in order to be placed on a waiting list for a course which is full. 
  4. Payment
    • Who? KIT students must only pay for their second (or more) language course the same semester. All other participants must pay.
    • When? After registering for a course, you will receive an email (time-delayed) with information about payment. Please include all of the information requested in the automatic mail.
      (Deutsche Bundesbank Filiale Karlsruhe, IBAN: DE 5766 0000 0000 6600 1508  BIC: MARK DE F1660  Please include the following information:  XD02003911901  + course name)
    • Any supporting documents which entitle participants to pay for courses at the reduced rate (50%) should be presented at one of the offices.
  5. Attendance
    • Courses begin in the second week of the semester (from April, 9th 2021). Please see the website for exceptions.
    • If a course does not have enough participants, (beginners' courses: 10, advanced courses: 7) the course will normally have to be cancelled. Any course fees paid will be refunded upon presentation of a receipt.