Applying for jobs and studying abroad

  • Jobline
    An excellent site for practicing applications and writing CVs in English.

Studying in Great Britain


Grammar and language practice

Grammar books are useful, but sometimes you need to ask others what they think or test what you know. Here are some programs and Web sites that focus specifically on grammar.

  • The English Page
    You can work on grammar using in-depth tutorials covering the major areas of English grammar - with interactive exercises.
  • English Club
    English grammar explanations and quizzes.
  • ESL Blues
    A wide range of grammar exercises from Pre-intermediate to high-intermediate level English.
  • British Council 'Learn English'
    A wide variety of interactive games practising particular grammar points.
  • Learn English
    A wide range of clear & simple grammatical explanations, together with interactive exercises.
  • Grammar Monster
    A site to help you with all aspects of grammar, including punctuation.
  • English Grammar 4U
    A useful site as all of the explanations are in German.
  • Englisch-hilfen
    Another site with explanations in German.


Writing Skills


  • Technical University of Chemnitz Online Dictionary
    An excellent online dictionary.
  • The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
    An integrated English dictionary and thesaurus in electronic form, containing 50,000 headwords with definitions, pronunciation and examples. Lots of activities for learners and a "word of the day".
  • Merriam-Webster
    This site includes word games, idioms and the "lighter side" of words. Of course, you can also look up the meanings of words in the dictionary.
  • Linguee
    Enables you to check phrases and see a suitable translation as used on the internet. Very useful for putting words into a context. 




News & Media


  • BBC
    You can select radio stations from the different countries and regions of the UK. See if you can understand Welsh English! You can also watch video clips of news items.
    Similar to the BBC site with lots of video clips and podcasts.
  • BBC World Service
  • The Economist
    The UK's most respected political and economic magazine. Some articles are only for subscribers but there is still a good selection for non-subscribers.
  • The Times


United States


Other countries



These sites contain material you can download and listen to on an MP3 player or on your PC. Some are specifically designed for learners of English and others are more general.

  • BBC Podcasts
    BBC offers a large variety of excellent video and audio material for learners of English. Requires Apple Quicktime.
  • BBC Interviews
    A selection of interviews with well knows people. From Bob Marely to Margaret Thatcher.
  • English Language Listening Lab Online
    ELLLO stands for English Language Listening Lab Online. It is a collection of over 1,000 listening activites that students can view free via the internet. Most listening activites come with a downloadable MP3 audio file, transcipt and interactive quiz. ELLLO offers a variety of listening activities that each target a specific listening skill, need or interest.
  • Spotlight on: Business!
    Business Spotlight uses short interviews or monologues to introduce business vocabulary at intermediate or advanced level. To access the archive, you must be a registered user.
  • Spotlight on: Language!
    Spotlight magazine offers a free podcast to learners of English. If you want to access the archive, however, you will have to buy a subscription.